Platforms For Ignorance


Unfortunately, for all of us, the leader of the free world – given a choice today between leading us closer to healing, and toward a better understanding of each other… or leading us further into social decay and this apparent desire amongst so many of us to deepen the self-made chasm that divides us – chose to highlight what separates us.

It’s stunning to me that, rather than make even an attempt at bringing us closer together toward common ground, he chose, instead, to affirm the ugliness of racism as he laid blame for it at the feet of the ‘White Community’. Despite countless examples of the extent to which ‘racism’ is not only perpetrated, but celebrated and revered, in the ‘Black Community’, our leader insisted on doubling down on the very narrative he wanted us to believe his “Hope and Change” message was going to bring to a long-overdue end.

But make no mistake; there were two victims in the Martin/Zimmerman tragedy and, with every passing day, the hot tempers and ignorant mouthpieces continue their relentless pursuit of Zimmerman’s death – metaphorically and physically – with no desire to be smart about the opportunity they have chosen, instead, to squander. As horrible as it is that a person is dead, it is equally horrible that another person’s life – despite the fact that he is still breathing – is over… and forever ruined.

This isn’t a Bruce Willis movie folks; no person looks in the eyes of another and, in fear for his life, kills that person only to return to his life as he was living it the day before they met. Even serial killers carry that with them for the rest of their lives. And every time Zimmerman’s name is left out of the discussion, in effect de-humanizing him as the President chose to do – again – today, or hyperbolically denigrating him in order to fan the flames of hatred, the ‘Black Community’ and the ‘White Community’ are being robbed of the opportunity to address the realities of what separates them. And they are robbed of the opportunity to do something about it.

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