Pro-family law group urges parents to be vigilant when children go back to school


It’s almost back-to-school time, and a Christian legal group says parents must take steps to protect their children’s religious freedom in the classroom.  Parents must also guard against the erosion of their parental rights, says Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Instititute.

He says many parents are often caught off guard when they learn that their child is being taught world religions or that homosexuality is acceptable.

Dacus tells OneNewsNow, “They need to be asking, ‘What kind of major holiday and world religions are going to be recognized and how are they going to be handled in the classroom?’ How is the school going to be implementing Common Core curriculum?”  He says it is also important for parents to ask about their child’s right to religious freedom, and how will the school handle sex education and homosexual issues.

While school was out and families were vacationing, the ongoing culture war was being fought over the classroom during the summer.

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