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The George Zimmerman trial is over. There are no winners.  Only tragedy.  A 17-year old is dead. Two families are forever shattered.  This shouldn’€™t have been a national news story.  But our race-obsessed media made this something it wasn’€™t. The Zimmerman and Martin families didn’€™t make this about race.  The media did.  

[**7/18/13 UpdateParents of Trayvon Martin began blaming their son’s unfortunate death on racism.]
[**7/19/13 Update: President Barack Obama delivered race-baiting remarks on the death of Martin.]

[In fact the national media studiously ignored statements from eye witnesses and instead promoted a disgusting narrative. This brought out the worst in society including race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the bigoted Louis Farrakhan and the criminal New Black Panther Party.]

[All of this occurred because the political left derives power from racial strife.  They promote it. And the national media are their willing partners.]  Many are to blame. But some deserve special mention.  CNN, NBC to include MSNBC and the New York Times.  Those three organizations altered, doctored, selectively edited and/or manufactured audio recordings and/or transcripts to fabricate false events (hereherehere,herehere).

[Other news organizations such as ABC News also made patently false and easily disprovable claims such as reporter Matt Gutman tweeting Martin was shot “bc [because]he was black.”  More false Gutman tweets are here.]  The New York Times created an entirely new ethnic group – white Hispanic – to support its white on black racism theme.

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