TV Station To Air Muslim Call To Prayer As Christian Calls It Treason


What would it be like if there were daily calls via television broadcasts for Christians to pray during the entire month of December? The outcry would be tremendous and it would probably be shut down before it even began. Well hang on to your hats, because Channel 4 in the UK, according to their own website, “will become the first mainstream British TV channel to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer live each morning throughout the month-long religious festival of Ramadan.” Apparently Brits have not had enough of the Islamization of their nation, they are welcoming indoctrination and propaganda via the “telly.” However, there is at least one voice in the Christian community calling it treason.

“The call to prayer will be preceded by a short film, Ramadan Reflections, featuring a range of voices, from imams to architects, feminists to a former rock chick, each providing some serious Ramadan food for thought. It forms part of a season of programmes, 4Ramadan,” reads Channel 4′s website. These Islamic calls to prayer will take place for three minutes each morning and will be accessible not only from the television, but also from Channel 4′s website. They will launch at the same time mosques in London will be playing their call to prayer.

Ralph Lee, Channel 4 Head of Factual, said: “The calls to prayer prompt Muslims to carry out quiet moments of worship, but hopefully they’ll also make other viewers sit-up and notice that this event is taking place.”

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