Usda Leaks Photos And Addresses Of Dog Breeders To ASPCA


Note: This article is part two of a four part series investigating the links between the United States Department of Agriculture and radical animal rights organizations.  These articles were written by Philip Christofanelli, with The Cavalry Group, a national organization which defends the Constitutional rights of animal owners and breeders.  Visit the previous article here.

The bottom line is that the contemporary “animal rights” movement and its various factions are not what they seem. For every legitimate concern, there are dozens of front groups operated and funded by extremists with radical agendas. For instance, over the past several years, the ASPCA, PETA, and HSUS have been waging a war against so-called “puppy mills.”  They lead Americans to believe that their focus is on rogue, unscrupulous dog breeders, but in a recent interview, the ASPCA admitted that they consider even law-abiding dog breeders to be “puppy mills.” Animal rights activists hold the belief that bringing new, pure-bred dogs into existence is unethical so long as there are dogs in shelters. Thus, they seek to put every law-abiding dog breeder permanently out of business by any means necessary.

Their public relations war against dog breeding has raked in countless millions from unsuspecting donors who are unaware of the fact that almost none of this money actually goes to the care of dogs. The numbers of abused animals are inflated and exaggerated to the point where you would think that puppy mills were an epidemic. In reality, all most all dog breeders are hard-working, rural Americans, who take very good care of their animals.

Recently, the activists have turned to a disturbing, new tactic of singling out individual breeders and publishing their names, their addresses, and photographs of their breeding establishments. Where do they obtain such information, one might ask?  The answer: None other than our own government, courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.  The USDA, once tasked with protecting American farmers and breeders, has crawled into bed with the most anti-farming elements of the Left.  Despite the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) explicitly granting a protection through Exemption 6 for any personal information that can be linked to an individual, the USDA decided to respond the ASPCA’s FOIA request by handing over the personal information and inspection photos of dog breeders from all over the United States.

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