What’s In a Word???


What’s in a word?

After a while, some words and phrases tend to lose their impact. Let’s try a few…

Atrocity… Genocide… Here’s one that we’ve heard a lot lately… Late Term Abortion. So, how about you? Any reaction? Up until a short time ago, when I’d hear this phrase in a news story or read it in a quick blurb on someone’s Facebook page, I confess that it meant very little. Just words, right? Well, that changed recently after reading about the horrific procedures done in abortion clinics that do “late term” abortions.

What I learned was that babies [To be clear, we are talking about someone’s tiny son or daughter] were actually being born alive and then killed by so called “doctors” in horrific ways. Some babies were just left to die, others were literally executed. Here. In America.

I realize that abortion is one of the most gut-wrenching issues of our time and I am not a crusader to end each and every abortion. In the case of rape or incest, the woman had no choice in her pregnancy so those are very different circumstances. And, if a pregnancy threatens the life [not social schedule…], but literal life of the mother, then a choice must be made between her and the baby. I can’t imagine a tougher choice.

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