Would Temar Boggs Be Welcomed By The NAACP?


So by now everyone has heard about the young African American man and the Hispanic who looks white. Their story is famous all over the world.

I refer, of course, to the story of Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia.

Even though the story has been caught be European newspapers, and the (dynamic!?) duowere recognized on the floor of the US House of Representatives, I have yet to see national new, let alone national TV news, give it any attention.

I haven’t yet heard President Obama mention that Temar looks like he could be related to him.

I’ve mentioned this story before. I thought of it again when I heard how the NAACP has blacklisted (no irony intended) African American author, Deneen Borelli. Borelli is a conservative who followed procedures to get a booth for her employer, FreedomWorks at the NAACP Convention.

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