Al Qaeda’s Responsible For Burning America’s Forests And Homes


When Navy SEAL Team 6 raided Osama bin Laden’s compound and killed the al Qaeda leader, they retrieved a treasure of documents and plans detailing many of the terrorist group’s operations.  Among that information was the detailed plans for launching an economic warfare against America in the form of wildfires.

The al Qaeda plans laid out the idea of setting numerous wildfires in the forests, especially those near towns and farmlands.  They figured that the fires would cost the US millions of dollars to fight and that it would disrupt the economy of many local areas.

This should not have been a surprise to the US government as people like William Scott of the American Center for Democracy warned about terrorists setting forest fires ten years earlier.  In an address this month to an Economic Warfare SuperPanel – ACD/EWI, Scott divulged some details about the forest fires this year that have ravaged so many parts of the US and drove him and his family away from their home in the Colorado Springs area.

Not all of the fires you hear about and see on the news were caused by lightning.  Dozens of wildfires have been caused by arson and are still under investigation.  Scott contends that some of these arson set fires may in fact be the results of al Qaeda’s fire war on America.  Some of the fires that were ignited in California in 2012 were set by al Qaeda operatives.

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