Are You Going To Surrender To The Homosexual Agenda?


The homosexual agenda is the spawn of Satan himself, the essence of perversion and evil. With the ultimate goal being taking over the culture, their relentless pushing is driving a wedge through society. Which side of the fence are you on?

Christians are just supposed to stay quiet about the advancing army that is the homosexual agenda. Another actor, Wentworth Miller, came “out” yesterday and GLAAD continued its advances to convince everyone that homosexuals and lesbians are underrepresented in the media. It’s an all encompassing advance toward domination, and Laodician Christians have let it happen. In not calling “sin” by its name, we have let the homosexual agenda’s minions run over us. And they don’t just intend to disable us, but to devour us.

It’s sick and twisted. To celebrate abomination turns the stomach. Homosexuality is a perversion of a reprobate mind. But today in America, it’s a cause for a party. When SCOTUS overturned DOMA, homosexuals won. And now we are all going to pay for it.

GLAAD is the organization to fear the most. They are Hitler to the homosexual agenda, the end all. Yesterday, the vile watchdogs of all things evil released it’s annual “list” of how film and television is doing in representing homosexuals. The organization’s determination to choke out all normalcy in film and television is more than obvious.

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