Do L.A. officials really believe it’s best to ‘run and hide’ from school shooters?


LOS ANGELES – As another school year begins, school districts around the country are working on strategies to improve security and student safety in the wake of last year’s shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

But Los Angeles school officials have been sending principals to “secret” training sessions to learn questionable security practices while dragging their heels about whether to install inside locks on classroom doors.  Does everything in California have to be illogical and dysfunctional?

L.A. principals have reportedly been subjected to “live-shooter training” this summer, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. On the surface that sounds promising.  But when questioned about the “live-shooter training,” Steve Zipperman, chief of the district’s police force, refused to go into detail.

“We provided them with alternatives and choices that may be available to them should an active shooting occur, and a traditional lockdown may not be the most appropriate decisions,” Zipperman told the DailyNews. “This may mean the rapid relocation of students, either on or off-campus.”

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