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In business Glenn Gault bit by bit promotes a Christian worldview

So what does it take to build this thing we call a “Christian worldview”? What specific blueprint do you follow if you want your children and your children’s children to think in a biblically directed manner? How do you nudge the folks in your workplace—or the voters at your precinct polling place—to make their decisions with a God-centered agenda?

If only we could commandeer the nation’s media, some say. No, others counter; it’s the schools, the colleges, the universities. That’s where we’d find the most leverage. Still others ask: What about the pulpits of our nation? Is anybody listening?

Expect no cheap answers here. WORLD magazine in general, and this column in particular, have no one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tend to say: “All of the above.” We prefer a good dose of caution when anyone tells us that they’ve found the universal key to teaching Christian worldview. It’s more likely to happen, we think, in bite-size chunks.

Which is why the office décor at the headquarters of CapRock Oil Tools Inc. just south of Houston, Texas, grabbed my attention recently. CapRock fabricates, and then sharpens, monster drilling bits used by big oil explorers as they bore deep into the earth. CapRock’s owner and CEO, Glenn Gault, is a serious Christian who is eager for those around him to know more about his faith in Jesus—and how that faith affects even his business life. How, he wondered for several years, could he do that in a winsome, enduring manner? He already offered a weekly session where as many of his 45 employees who wanted to could gather for prayer and a bit of mutual encouragement. But what else could he do?

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