Eugene Delgaudio: “Pediatrics Lobby Promotes Homosexuality to Children”


“You pay for a medical service for your child and you think you have your freedom to not be propagandized by homosexual propaganda directed at your child. You would be wrong as a result of the decision by the American Academy of Pediatrics to ask its members to promote homosexuality where the children and family members come to visit– in their lobby, ” says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

If you’re a physician who sees children and adolescents on a regular basis, there is a lot you can do to encourage young patients and their families to view homosexuality as normal and healthy, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The AAP recently issued an updated policy statement concerning homosexuality to its 60,000 members. The new guidelines say pediatricians should strive to “provide the context that being LGBTQ is normal, just different.”

According to the AAP, homosexuality “should not be considered abnormal.” While the organization acknowledges that “LGBTQ” teens as a whole engage in riskier behaviors and report higher rates of substance abuse, promiscuity, depression, self-harm, and even teen pregnancy, they blame that on “the presence of stigma from homophobia and heterosexism,” which “often leads to psychological distress [and]an increase in risk behaviors.”

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