Father of molested student talks about his outrage toward seven teachers who supported the rapist


ROSE CITY, Mich. – August 19 is the crucial day.

At 7 p.m. in the Ogemaw Heights High School auditorium, the Rose City community will learn the fate of seven West Branch-Rose City teachers who recently wrote letters in support of a colleague convicted of molesting a young student.

John and Lori Janczewski, the parents of the molested student, want the teachers fired. They also want school board member Michael Eagan – who sat with the family of convicted child molester Neal Erickson during his sentencing – recalled from office.

“We had been quiet … and sat back and said nothing,” John Janczewski said of the investigation and arrest of their son’s teacher in an interview with EAGnews. “But when (the letters of support from teachers) came out in court we were angry and sick to our stomachs.

“We can’t believe (educators) who took an oath to protect and be there for the child would turn a blind eye,” he said. “We promised ourselves we’re not going to stop until the (teachers who supported Erickson) are fired and this board member is recalled.”

On July 29, the WB-RC school board held a special meeting at the Ogemaw Heights High School auditorium where a steady stream of concerned parents and local residents made their way to the podium and urged school officials to terminate the seven teachers who supported Erickson.

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