Government agents search animal shelter, kill baby deer named ‘Giggles’


The Society of St. Francis Animal Shelter was temporarily housing the young fawn, left abandoned by her mother, until they could relocate her to a wildlife reserve. But Department of Natural Resources agents killed her before that could happen.

Armed government agents raided an animal shelter and executed a baby deer.

“I spent 22 years in the Air Force and two years in Vietnam and I’ve just never seen such totally unnecessary, senseless cruelty,” shelter worker Ray Schulze told the Daily News.

The Society of St. Francis Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter, was temporarily housing the fawn until she could be moved to a wildlife reserve for rehabilitation.

A couple found the stranded fawn in Illinois, apparently abandoned by her mother, and brought her over the border to the shelter in Kenosha, Wis. The workers named her Giggles after an endearing laugh-like noise she would make.

Giggles was scheduled to leave for her new home on July 16. Instead she left July 15 in a body bag.

“This was like the Gestapo coming in,” shelter president Cindy Schultz said. “Giggles didn’t pose any threat. She was petrified! She wasn’t even sick. There was no reason to kill her.”

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