Heterosexual, Homosexual, Trans, and Now Intersexual


Okay, I’m beginning to think God is just going to come down and end it all – wipe the slate clean and start again. When he looks down and thinks, “Come on guys, what’s the point in continuing if you can even get your gender right? There are two, got it?”

Recent events in California, where gender-bending kids now have unisex bathrooms and locker rooms and every other room, have made the headlines.

Now we hear that in Germany parents don’t have to register their newborn’s sex as male or female. In effect, it’s now “to be determined.” The new law will come into force on November 1 on the back of a constitutional court decision which states that as long as persons “deeply feel” that they belong to a certain gender, they have a personal right to choose how they legally identify themselves.

They call it a “third gender.” I wonder how many more they’ll “discover”? There’s even a worldwide group called the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. Ugh! Ask a silly question.

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