Obama Executive Order Utilizes the CDC to Attempt Gun Confiscation


This past January – thanks to the ever-present Executive Order – Obama made a move that continued what Bill Clinton started. You’ve probably noticed it occurring in society without even really understanding why it’s happening.

It’s an interesting situation:

“On January 26th, Obama issued Exec Order #14, a ‘Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to research the causes and prevention of gun violence‘.” (emphasis added)

Though this specific EO is new, the truth is that since the 1980s the CDC has been trying to use “scientific” studies to show that guns were a risk to public health. Sadly, our tax dollars are spent on these types of “studies” based on leftist agendas. Obama is simply keeping things going.

The question of course, is why did Obama do that? Well, aside from the fact that his bosses in the global elite told him to do it, he did it for one very important reason. In essence, he wants to do to guns what the medical profession has done with cigarettes. He wants guns to be seen as so repulsive (backed by official “studies” from the CDC) that through direct peer pressure, people will come to see guns as being truly dirty and despicable. Having a gun then would make that individual who owns it appear the same way.


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