Parents, is your marriage ready for school?


It is August and summer is practically over. It is time to get ready for school again. There are multiple lists to check: clothing, textbooks, supplies, transportation, after-school activities and more. You know the drill.  However, there is one important matter that you don’t want to overlook – your marriage.

The challenges of school are hard on a marriage. Time, relationship, and communication can be consumed by the demands of school.  The relationship between mom and dad can easily shift into one where scheduling and time pressure become the main focus.

Is your marriage ready for school?

Don’t be afraid to ask the question.  Fathers, it would be best if you take the leadership role here. Make it a priority these next two weekends to spend time with your wife. Talk about the challenges of the new school year and how you will meet them. More importantly, talk to your wife about how she is doing. Is this coming year a transition year, one where there there are new teachers, new schools, perhaps a different house? Talk to each other about the obstacles this new year will bring.

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