Saved From the Bowels of a Perverted Industry


Meet a young girl who could be your daughter, or granddaughter. Someone who desperately needed to be loved, but was lied to and manipulated by the wrong people who preyed on her youth and naiveté. Had no one cared, had no one dug their heels in to pursue her for Christ, she’d still be living a life of abuse and degradation. But today, she’s free—thanks’ to some truly courageous Christians.

Ministering to the porn industry is a not calling everyone is equipped to do. In fact, while every Christian is equipped to witness Christ’s love and redemption to every person we meet, my guess is that very few are equipped to succeed in this particular business. (Photo: Brittni/xxxChurch)

I’m pretty sure I’m not. I don’t have the limitless patience, strength and conviction it would take to make it to the finish line. I’m the mom who sheltered my children, averts my eyes at all costs, and is adept at living in denial. Worse, I get so enraged at the thought of children being abused, neglected, enslaved and killed that my reaction to perpetrators of those crimes is as un-Christlike as you can get.

I don’t confess all this to reap rebuke from Christians who are stronger than me and, no doubt at this very moment, composing arguments to shame or convict me. Don’t bother; I’ve heard them all.

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