The tyranny of the immediate – part 2


Immediate gratification comes with a built in set of blinders as standard equipment. If what we want is what we want and we must have it now then there is little or no thought given to the impact of the pursuit of immediate gratification.

David gave no thought to what would happen after he had Bathsheba. Amnon could focus only on Tamar and never stopped to think that his lust would cost him his life. Ananias, with his wife Sapphira, thought only of the acclamation they would receive from people and thought nothing of lying to the Holy Spirit.

These individuals thought only of their immediate cravings. But the desire for instant gratification also comes with a set of blinders at no extra charge. These blinders help keep the focus on the immediate. Which is exactly what the enemy wants!

Parents, it is your job to help take the blinders off for your children, and perhaps, for yourselves as well. You see, if you desire a child that will not embarrass you, then you too have a set of blinders that keep you from seeing the damage that your desire for good behavior is doing to your children.

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