Unstoppable – Compelling Answers to Life’s Hard Questions.


Kirk Cameron’s new film, Unstoppable, is one you won’t want to miss. This film is intimate, edgy, bold and full of the unexpected. Let me explain.

It is intimate. The idea for the film came from the life and death of a 15 year old son of one of Kirk’s friends. The young man battled cancer for ten years. His death hit home to Kirk in a personal and painful way. The deep and heart-rending  impact comes through powerfully in the film. When something like this happens, we want to know why. Why would God bring cancer to a family that only wants to serve him? Kirk addresses the universal question, why do bad things to good people. Unstoppable provides truly satisfying answers from God’s word and the story of redemption.

It is edgy. The film is edgy because it presents God’s answers without regard to the artificial comfort zone created by our modern culture. Today we attempt to shield ourselves from death and the unpleasant consequences of sin. We also attempt to shield ourselves from the raw truth of the fall and the impact of the great flood. Unstoppable takes these issues head-on and shows how the pain and suffering of our lives is connected to these two events. When you portray evil the way the Bible does, it is not a pretty picture.

It is bold. The film is bold because it tells the Bible’s story. Unstoppable tells the story of the early chapters of Genesis. We see the awesome power of God in response to evil. Adam and Eve were created into a world at war. Adam was told to guard the garden as well as to subdue and occupy the earth. Our first parents were charged to bring honor to God and join with him in the war against evil. The imagery in the film is taken from the words and scenes of Scripture. The murder of Abel, the crying out of his blood, the destructive waters of the flood, are just as much a part of creation’s story as the idyllic imagery of the garden. These events are necessary to help us understand why God brings evil and why his grace provides peace and calm in the face of life’s tragedies.

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