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Desiring God is a ministry lead by John Piper, which seeks to “spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” The ministry hosts a myriad of conferences, Q&A sessions, and has made hundreds of Piper’s sermons available for download on their website. In this “Behind the Blog” episode, David Mathis, Jonathan Parnell, Marshall Segal, and Tony Reinke spoke with guest Matt Reagan about collegiate goals, discipline, perspective, and attitudes of the heart.

Reagan opened by sharing five things that he believes will help students make the most of their school year:

1) Glorify God with a sharp mind – use what you learn in school for the mission of God.

2) The most important book is the Bible – the Bible is the ultimate standard of truth by which a student should judge every other book.

3) Disciple someone younger than you – spend some time investing in the growth of others.

4) Avoid comparison in the classroom – comparison leads to pride and to jealousy. Be humble and celebrate the gifts and talents that God has given others.

5) The Gospel alone saves – even the “A” student should recognize his or her dependence on Christ. This will help guard against prideful delusions of self-sufficiency.

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