Border Patrol Agents: Don’t Pass Gang of Eight Immigration Bill


Members of Congress, home for the August recess, have been surprised at the intensity of opposition to proposed legislation to “solve” America’s immigration problem. Most members figured they were going to hear about Obamacare, the debt ceiling, and lingering unemployment. Instead, as they attend town halls and talk to the voters, immigration more often than not is the topic of the hour, and plenty of voters have made it clear that they don’t like what the Senate passed and don’t want it to become law.

The Senate’s so-called “Gang of Eight” bill, which the Obama Administration supports without exception, provides amnesty to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, provided they meet a set of legal conditions and jump through a series of bureaucratic hoops. While the conventional wisdom states that Gang of Eight is dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House, nobody really knows what the final product will look like—or whether there will even be a final vote on it at all.

What we do know is that the people in charge of actually enforcing our country’s immigration laws don’t think much of what the politicians are trying to do. In fact, many are not convinced the Obama Administration and the rest of Washington politicians who support the Senate bill are even particularly committed to the fight against illegal immigration.

Many law enforcement professionals who put their lives on the line trying to keep the border secure–and all of whom have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution and the law–see this as another example of the Obama administration’s lack of respect for the rule of law.

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