Calling Christian Patriots to Action: The God and Government Project


So, you’re getting sick of reading all the bad news about the status quo (which Reagan famously quipped is, “Latin for the mess we’re in.”) You find yourself mystified that your fellow Americans are not already out in the streets with torches and pitchforks. And, you don’t own a Harley, so you won’t be participating in the 2 Million Biker rally on Washington, D.C. in a couple days.

Maybe you live in a small town, like mine, but you don’t have a spare outhouse lying around with which to make an amusing statement. But none of this means you have to simply sit there and wait for someone else to take a public stand.

Christian patriot, you might look into the God and Government Project, described as “an outreach project of the ‘Institute on the Constitution.’”

Headed up by Mr. John Lofton, this project is designed to spur Christians into the honorable tradition of prophetically addressing civil rulers with the truth of God’s Word. Quoting Lofton here:

“The purpose of this Project is simple. It is to make our local/county public officials aware of the fact that civil government is from God and their first duty is to govern according to God’s Word. To make them aware of this all you have to do is go before your local or county governing body and respectfully read a prepared statement during the 2-minute public comment period. 

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