Canadian pro-life group: prayer and fasting over euthanasia bill


When the Quebec National Assembly opens this fall, one of the most important issues it will be voting on is Bill 52, a bill to legalize euthanasia, reports LifeSiteNews.

The proposed legislation offers end-of-life care to those living in Quebec which will include both terminal palliative sedation, as well as medically-assisted dying, or ‘medical aid in dying’, a euphemism for euthanasia.

In response to the looming debate on euthanasia, which includes public hearings from September 17th to October 10th, the national pro-life group LifeCanada is urging all Canadians to pray and fast for Quebec, that they will not accept this move to legalize the intentional taking of human life under the guise of “medical aid”.

LifeCanada says it is particularly concerned about this legislation not only because of the implications for those living in Quebec, but also for all of Canada. Bill 52 circumvents federal prohibitions of euthanasia by its use of medical language and if it is permitted to stand, it will set a precedent for the other provinces.

“The likelihood of the legislation passing in Quebec is high,” says LifeCanada Executive Director, Natalie Sonnen. “While the federal government could conceivably intervene to legally challenge any such law in Quebec as a violation of the Criminal Code, it is far from certain that Ottawa will take such a step given the political baggage it would carry.”

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