Chicago Kindergartners To Have 300 Minutes Of Sex Education Per Obama


At what age do most parents believe it’s time to teach their kids about sex and relationships?  Many parents believe that puberty is the time to teach them about their bodies and relations between boys and girls.  Sadly, too many parents may believe there is an appropriate age, but they fail to do anything about it.  Instead, they leave their kids sex education up to their friends, television, movies, music, video games, internet and public school.  When parents fail to take their responsibilities seriously, they open the doors for almost anything and everything.

Those doors have been flung wide open in Chicago.  The political home of Barack Obama and a plethora of other corrupt liberals, Chicago has taken one more step toward the liberal disintegration of America.  Dr. Jerry Newcombe reports on that the Chicago public school board has recently mandated that sex education start with kindergartners and that they are to start receiving a minimum of 300 minutes of sex education during the school year as reported by Steven Ertelt on

“Last week, the Chicago public school system caused a furor by announcing that it thought little boys and girls in kindergarten are ready for sex ed classes. It turns out President Barack Obama, before he became president, agreed.”

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