Christian Airman May Face Court Martial Over Homosexual Marriage


Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, the Christian airman who claimed he was punished by his lesbian commander for refusing to endorse homosexual marriage, is being criminally investigated by the Air Force, the first step in the court martial process.

Monk and his attorney, Mike Berry of the Liberty Institute, met with an Air Force investigator on Aug. 27 for what Berry expected to be a routine taking of Monk’s statement about what happened when he says he was removed from his post for not obeying his lesbian commander’s order to say he supported homosexual marriage.

Instead, the investigator read Monk his Miranda rights and informed him he was under criminal investigation for allegedly making a false statement  in interviews with the press.

Monk has been assigned a military defense counsel, and the Air Force is considering whether to formally charge him with a crime. If it does, Monk would have to decide whether to admit guilt and accept punishment or to proclaim his innocence and face a court martial.

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