Christian Family Organization Calls for Betty Crocker Boycott Over Support for Homosexual ‘Marriage’


WASHINGTON —  A Christian family organization is calling for a national boycott of the iconic dessert mix company Betty Crocker for its support of homosexual marriage.

In July of this year, after the state of Minnesota legalized same-sex unions, the company donated custom cakes to three homosexual twosomes for their “wedding” reception. Company spokesperson Laura Forero told Minnesota Public Radio that the image of Betty is continually undergoing an evolution, but that Betty Crocker is committed to “diversity” and “inclusion.”

“Celebrating these three families today seemed very appropriate as Betty celebrates all families,” she stated.

Betty Crocker is owned by General Mills, which declared its support for homosexual “marriage” a year ago. As previously reported, at a Minnesota homosexual pride event in June 2012, CEO Ken Powell declared that he opposed a marriage amendment that was slated to be on the ballot, which would enshrine the Biblical definition of marriage in the state constitution.

Ken Charles, General Mills’ Vice President of Diversity, also issued a letter throughout the company, outlining that he believed homosexual “marriage” would benefit employee productivity, and that if the amendment passed, it would be more difficult to retain skilled workers.
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