Christian NFL Player Who Walked Away: ‘I Wasn’t Living Right’


In a society where professional football players are put on a pedestal and worshipped at times, Christian Ballard doesn’t buy it. The glitz and the glamor of the NFL that once fulfilled his wildest dreams simply doesn’t jibe with his Christian beliefs anymore.

After only two-year playing career, the former Minnesota Vikings’ defensive tackle walked away from the game in August, saying he just “wasn’t living right.”

“I wasn’t really having a good time playing football. It wasn’t fun for me,” Ballard told USA Today. “It wasn’t a blast for me. I could sit there and lie to myself for another two years, doing something that wasn’t what I want to do.

“It made me selfish. It made me complacent. I just thought that I was better than everyone. Don’t get me wrong—there are tons of people who play in the NFL and are strong believers in the Lord, and they have a great lifestyle. But for me, it really wasn’t working out.”

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