CNN Caught Faking War Footage AGAIN, This Time in Syria


For those who have any doubt that CNN is state-run media, you simply have not done your homework. Before we get into the footage in question, let me remind you of a former CNN Award Winning Journalist named Amber Lyon. Wikipedia reports:

On September 29, 2012, Lyon appeared on the Infowars program hosted by American Alex Jones. She described her investigation of how the US ally Bahrain was committing human rights abuses, but said that CNN and the US government pressured her to suppress the news. She said that Bahrain paid CNN for positive news coverage. Lyon said that Kazakhstan and Georgia also paid for positive coverage by CNN.

Let’s also review a famous YouTube video that shows a correspondent reporting in the Desert Storm conflict with a fake backdrop, apparently from a studio set. If you have never seen this video of Charles Jaco, please do yourself a favor and watch it and make the judgment for yourself.


After stumbling upon this, I felt the need to share it because whether these interviews are scripted and staged or not, we definitely know that the media is very influential in public opinion. I DO NOT speak Arabic so I can’t vouch for the translations, but I will tell you that I did some fact checking and believe that this interpretation is on the money. It would seem that CNN is still faking stories. With that said the above video is from March of 2012, but I have no reason to believe that the September 2013 version of CNN is any more honest and reliable.

I’d encourage you to go read the entire story and see two additional videos at Friends of Syria.

Read more at Freedom Outpost

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