Greg Laurie: There Are No Coincidences, Only Providence


Pastor Greg Laurie of Southern California’s Harvest Church encouraged believers to use their influence, gifts, and talents for God’s glory, explaining from the story of Esther that there are no coincidences, but only providence in Christians’ lives.

The title of Laurie’s sermon on Sunday was, “For Such a Time as This,” the first in a series on the book of Esther.

Many of us like fairy tales, which typically end with the phrase “and they lived happily ever after,” Laurie told the congregation in his Riverside church and an online audience. But the truth is that life is not a fairy tale, he added. “Life is full of pain and unexpected twists and turns,” he said, adding, however, that the bigger picture is that we will live happily ever after but only when we get to heaven.

“In this story, there are no fairies, no witches, no princes, and no mermaids,” he said. However, there is a beautiful orphan girl named Esther who wins a beauty contest and becomes a queen. There is also an evil man who plots the destruction of her people. But because of her bravery, she saves her nation, and they really do live happily ever after, Laurie explained.

He noted that it’s a story where God is not specifically mentioned or prayed to in an overt way. “And yet God is clearly all over this book from beginning to end.” As Christians, we do not believe in coincidence, but in providence, he stated.

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