Inside Obama’s war on guns: Rick Perry decries effort to disarm Americans


Editor’s Note: The first of three articles excerpted from the new book “Emily Gets Her Gun … but Obama Wants to Take Yours” by Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller.

The biggest fight in history over Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is being waged today. There were attacks on the Second Amendment in the early 1990s with the passage of the Brady bill and the “assault weapons” ban. The gun-control battle of 2013, however, could easily see the greatest losses of Second Amendment rights ever.

There are two key factors that make this assault more serious: billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is willing to spend anything to win, and a longtime anti-gun fanatic Barack Obama, who is applying the full power of the presidential bully pulpit for the gun-grabbers’ cause.

Obama’s long-time, gun-control agenda

Back when Mr. Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate, he didn’t try to hide his anti-gun views. When asked on a candidate questionnaire in 1996 if he supported legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns,” Obama simply answered, “Yes.” He also responded that he wanted laws to ban assault weapons and “mandatory waiting periods, with background checks, to purchase guns.”

In his third term in the Illinois Senate, he supported a package of bills that would have limited citizens to buying only one handgun a month and allowed civil liability lawsuits for death or injuries caused by handguns.

During his 2004 run for the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama elaborated on his views. Answering the same questionnaire again, he previewed what would be his top agenda in 2013, saying he supported mandating background checks of buyers purchasing guns at gun shows, through the Internet and through print advertisements.

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