Pregnant woman shoots at two men breaking into home


The victim of a home invasion in Palmview Saturday asked Action 4 not to show her face on camera. She told us she never wanted to have a gun around the house, but after this ordeal, she’s glad she had protection by her side.

A standoff in south Palmview Saturday afternoon put a neighborhood on high alert. Police and SWAT blocked off the 7100 block of PTJ Drive as they negotiated with two men, who had barricaded themselves inside a home.

The standoff ended with brothers Lucas and Jesus Ortiz in handcuffs. Police said just hours earlier, the pair tried to burglarize a home nearby.

Action 4 spoke to the burglary victim, who we’ll call “Alex.”  She told us she heard a man banging loudly on her front door while another walked around to the back.

“I’m a young woman, I’m pregnant, I’m home alone. I’m not going to answer the door – I mean, I know better,” said Alex.

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