Southern Baptists Take On Pentagon Rules For Chaplains


In 2011, the Pentagon issued an order to all military chaplains instructing them that they were to perform same-sex marriages and to make their facilities available for same-sex ceremonies.  Failure to comply with the order could result in a court-martial.

In 2012, the Pentagon instructed chaplains to stop preaching against a number sins including homosexuality.  If they continued to preach against these things, they could face charges of sedition and treason.

Now, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is planning on taking on the Pentagon by ordering all of their military chaplains to not perform same-sex marriages and from being involved in counseling sessions or couples retreats for same-sex couples.  Since the Southern Baptist Convention provides more military chaplains than any other Protestant denomination, this has all the makings of an old fashioned showdown between them and the Obama’s Pentagon.

Maj. Gen. Doug Carver, Retired, heads up the North American Mission Board (NAMB) chaplain services and spoke about the new SBC guidelines, saying: “Our chaplains want to uphold the authority and relevancy of Scripture while continuing to serve in a very diverse setting.  We believe these updated guidelines will help them do that while still sharing the love and the hope of Christ with everyone.”

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