Syria Needs the Gospel Rather than Missiles


The Gospel message changes the hearts of men. It turns cold-blooded killers and haters into peace-loving ambassadors of hope.

Just ask the apostle Paul (formerly Saul of Tarsus), who had a miraculous encounter nearly 2000 years ago on the road to Damascus in Syria. Like the terrorists who are in Syria today, Saul promoted the killing of Christians. Saul had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ on that road, and he was turned into a man of peace by the power of God.

What might America accomplish by sending missiles in the direction of Syria as is being discussed? Well, we know what missiles won’t do. They won’t penetrate deep enough to change the hearts of men who are intent on evil and all manner of terrorism. Missiles cannot change the hearts of military and political leaders or the citizens of any country. Men need Jesus in their heart if they are going to be transformed from terrorists into missionaries of the Gospel of peace and salvation. That is exactly what happened to Saul in Syria a long time ago.

It’s not just Syria, however. Look at other nations in the Middle East. When have American missiles, or any other missiles for that matter, ever changed the heart and soul of a nation? While the need for military action can certainly appear justified at times, let’s not kid ourselves. The Middle East will never experience change for the better merely by missiles. Those weapons do not penetrate deep enough to transform a country.

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