Syria, Politics, and the Lord’s Day


Our God keeps his own counsel. Therefore, it is not wise to predict what God might or might do in a particular political situation.  There are, however, biblical principles that bear directly on any government. If a leader or elected official chooses to ignore them, they do so at their own peril.

The Lord’s Day has to do with the glory of God. Thus, it is a fitting time to consider three of these principles.

The first two are found in Daniel chapter 2.

Here is the first: The Holy Spirit leaves no doubt about who controls the world’s political scene. It is the God of the Bible.

The second principle is that if anyone seeks wisdom about what course to follow when leading a government or country, God is only the source that can be trusted. Daniel was not speaking to a gathered assembly of God’s people. He was speaking to a great pagan king who was advised by leaders who had no love for God. Daniel was not concerned about political correctness. He was concerned about reality.

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