Thailand Commercial Shames America’s Christians


True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) happens to be a huge communication conglomerate in Thailand.  TRUE operates the country’s largest cable TV provider, largest ISP internet service and the third largest mobile phone service.  They also have a partnership with Verizon, who most of us are familiar with.

Recently, TRUE made a commercial called ‘Giving.’  The message of the commercial is believing in the power of giving without expecting anything in return.  The commercial has been receiving rave reviews from all over the world.  Grab a tissue and watch.

After watching the commercial, I was curious to find out exactly what the predominant religion of Thailand is.  I discovered that the Thai national religion is Theravada Buddhism.  It is a mixture of Buddhism, ancient Hindu, some animism and ancient ancestor worship.  That’s when it dawned on me that the message of the video, most likely Theravada Buddhist in inspiration, puts America’s Christians to shame.

In addition to loving God with all your heart, soul and spirit, loving one another is perhaps one of the most important aspects of Christianity.  I don’t mean loving one another as our secular society would portray it, but to love one another sacrificially as Christ loved us.  Christ gave everything including His life for us because he loves us.  Christians should be willing to give sacrificially to others as well.

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