Total Victory: A lost American tradition


’13 Battles of Put-In in the Docks of Erie, Syrian Bays

On September 10, 1813, after winning the Battle of Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, thus vanquishing the British Royal Navy from the Great Lakes in the War of 1812, U.S. Commander Oliver Hazard Perry declared: ”We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

200 years later, Vladamir Putin’s Russian Navy guards Syria’s bays for Iran. Secretary of State John Kerry previously met Bashar al-Assad and declared him a “reformer”. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Putin and declared a “re-set” before Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama met Putin-puppet Dmitry Medvedev and declared post-election strategic and nuclear arsenal-surrender “flexibility”; even as he begged to meet with Iran’s mullahs as they mowed down liberty-seeking youth in the streets.

When Obama Administration officials meet enemies of the United States, they don’t even recognize them as such, much less defeat them. On 9/11/2012 in Benghazi, four Americans met their death at the hands of al Qaeda but the only enemy President Obama and Secretary Clinton saw was the producer of an anti-Prophet of Islam movie-producer. It reminds of soon after al Qaeda’s 9/11/2001 attacks on the U.S. homeland, when Hillary’s husband famously asked: “Why do they hate us?” This gang can’t see straight much less shoot straight, unless the enemies they sight are Republican political or constitutional ones; and only then does IRS meet and make them theirs.

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