Pregnant and homeless on the doorsteps of a Christian megachurch


Note: Abby Johnson is the former director of a Planend Parenthood clinic in Texas, who converted to the pro-life cause in 2009 after witnessing an ultrasound-guided abortion. She is now one of the leading advocates on behalf of the unborn.

October 1, 2012 ( – One night over dinner, a friend of mine told me that he had seen a very pregnant homeless woman on the corner of a busy Austin intersection. I knew the intersection he was referring to…there is a huge non-denominational church on the corner. I felt confident that she had probably received some assistance from them. Maybe they were in the process of trying to help her find resources.

One of the friends with us at dinner, Heather, is the executive director of the Austin Coalition for Life, a non-profit group who holds daily vigils outside of Austin’s four abortion clinics. Their goal is to connect abortion-minded women with pregnancy resources in the area to help them choose life for their child. I was about to deliver my own baby any day, so I was limited with what I could do to reach out to this woman. Heather said she would continue to go by the intersection until she found her.

After several days of unsuccessful attempts, Heather was finally able to connect with her. She explained that there were several pro-life agencies in town that could help her with housing both before and after her baby was born. They could also help with expenses, pre and post natal care, labor and delivery, food, clothing, and all of her other basic needs. She talked to her for a long time and found out that she was running from an abusive relationship and was trying to protect her unborn child from the father.

Heather’s next question was a pretty obvious one … had the megachurch a few hundred feet away offered to help her? Instead of asking the woman and putting her on the spot, Heather decided to go and ask the church if they knew anything about the woman. She was startled at the response. “Well, one of our members took her to the Target Café to share the Gospel with her.” So, no material assistance was offered for her or her baby? No resources offered for where she could receive assistance? No phone calls made to maternity homes or pro-life groups in the area? “No,” the woman responded. “Just the meeting at Target to talk about the Lord.”

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  • lbc

    God, please send someone to help this lady and any others like her.

    • daleetaylor

      God, please send someone to help the church be like Christ to all who need help.

  • Vicki Dowell

    Did you take her home with you?

  • Carol Griffin

    Unbelievable a MEGA CHURCH that cannot help? please wish i knew which one i would have a talk with them…but i guess i will let God do the talking he does it so much better then i do…but o gee that’s right they did that didn’t they?? but what good did it do did it help the women??? NO NO NO…that is not Christianity at all…i am ashamed of this church..they will answer to God for their insensitivity…

  • Allen Runyon

    There’s several small churches in my neighborhood that would have helped her. The mega church must have lost sight of their calling. That’s just one of the many people God told us to help.

  • thefirstdiggit

    It is unfortunate that the majority of people see all “Christians” as one group. Jesus made Disciples of us who accepted his Salvation, claiming his Mercy and Grace…Always help Whoever and Whenever, it pleases our Lord!

  • sciaboy

    I hate to say this, but many of these mega churches are in it for the mega bucks. It’s mainly “feel good you can do anything with Jesus” preaching. To be sure there are many fine Christians that attend these, but when you get so large it’s next to impossible to take care of the small things like offering a cup of water to someone who is hurting.
    Again, don’t get me wrong, many have been led to Christ at a mega church, but it’s really easy to just blend in and not use your gifts as easily as you might at a smaller church.

    • PreacherCruz

      In my experience MEGA churches are not preaching the true and complete Gospel. If they WERE preaching and teaching on sin they would likely not grow to these sizes. Again, in MY experience the bigger the church the further away from true gospel they usually are.

  • Ralph

    I know the main job of the Church is to preach the Gospel, but I do not see how anyone can do that and then ignore the need that was there. I guess Revelations 3:14-18 is here today for many of the “un-denominational” churches accept even immorality as acceptable. So the Love they should have is cold like a fireplace that is unlit on a cold winter night.

  • Angie Leona Camacho-lopez

    Training as a Chaplain has taught me that taking time to meet the need of a person is very important. Maybe you may not have the resources however having a list of certain resources to direct individuals in a crisis would be beneficial.

  • Guest

    We have a lot of scam artists using these cardboard signs in multiple cities where I work and they are there almost every day for months on end. Sometimes I see the sign and a different person, like it’s some kind of franchise!!! The backstory is there is usually a head coordinator that takes a large cut from these people. Often the ones you see for only a short time are promised a small cut and a large drug-fueled party at the end of their “shift”. Don’t give these people any money. Tell them where they can receive the assistance they need, give them at least 3 options there. They don’t usually trust you, so more choices let them feel in control.

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