Atheist Court Victory Threatens Other Religions’ Incomes


Once again, a U.S. court has colluded with the Freedom From Religion Foundation to attack non-atheistic religions.

Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb has ruled that provisions in Internal Revenue Code Section 107 are unconstitutional.

Those provisions allow a minister — pastors, rabbis, imams, etc. — to exclude from gross income any housing allowance given to him by his employer as part of compensation.

The atheists filed the suit under the theory that the IRS code somehow meant the government was establishing a religion, which is forbidden under the Constitution. They complained that as a “nonreligion,” they were excluded.

They were embarrassed when the government turned around and ruled that atheism is a religion and its “ministers” would also be eligible for the housing allowance exemption if they applied.

Despite that, the FFRF was apparently able to gull Judge Crabb into siding with them.

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  • Skeptics

    YES! Pay your taxes you freeloading religious hippies!

    • It’s really quite sad how you deny the truth that is right in front of your face, just because you’re too proud.

      • Skeptics

        No, I only require verifiable, repeatable, published and peer reviewed EVIDENCE of the existence of your god, or the muslim god, or the hindi gods or the greek gods or the ancient egyptian gods…. and I’ll believe that there is a supreme leader in the sky.

        Until then, I will not believe in the insane stories told by brainwashed deluded psychopaths like yourself, mmmmkay?

    • SRM29

      Mock and make fun of us all you want, but the only thing you’re accomplishing is looking like an arrogant jerk.

      • Here you go Mr. Skeptics. Go to this link and read the article there, and it will show you how Christianity is true. It even has a quote from an atheist, like you. I’m not sure if you will be man or woman enough to do it though, because I don’t think you really want to know the truth.

        • Skeptics

          Really Toddy, The watchmaker argument? That is weak!

          God also needs a maker in that argument. He too needs a cause.

          Epic Fail!

          Here, if you have balls enough, read through all 50 of these. I’m not sure if you will be man or woman enough to do it though, because I don’t think you really want to know the truth.

          • No thanks! Once you find what you’re looking for, e.g. the truth, what’s the sense in continuing to look. I’m obviously a man as you can tell by my name, but you couldn’t help yourself from being a little antagonist by repeating part of my last comment. Only a fool thinks that creation could be possible without a creator. I do feel sorry that you’re too proud to accept the truth and will be spending eternity in hell unless you humble yourself :-/

  • godisfuked

    Live and let live, that is what our Lord has commanded. The Atheists deserve to live in peace. We as Christians need to be more understanding and respectful of others beliefs and non beliefs. I for one, will go to church even more to pray and pray and pray! That is where I feel the best – in God’s House where He may enter me freely and fully!

    • chris yorga

      the atheists are living in peace – not sure what you’re talking about, and it’s the christian’s who are being persecuted, here. also, i’m confused about the name you go by. i mean, what is that? it’s totally weird, and sends the wrong message..

      • Kenneth

        Chris, “godisfuked” is being sarcastic. He’s actually an atheist. The “Lord’ he is referring to is not our God who created heaven and earth, it is Satan, who “godisfuked” serves unknowingly. Atheists care only for one thing, themselves, and their rights. They could care less about anyone else. It’s hilarious how he says that “Christians need to be more understanding and respectful of others beliefs and non beliefs”, for that is ONE THING atheists will not do themselves. He’s playing the TOTAL HYPOCRITE, and he probably knows it. You would think that atheists would be smarter than that. No one takes them seriously because they behave like complete idiots, contradicting themselves constantly, and most of the time, they are OBLIVIOUS to that fact.

        • chris yorga

          yeah, i might have known. well, God is not mocked, so don’t deceive yourselves, atheists! what you sow, you will reap. you sow to the flesh? of the flesh you will reap destruction (Galatians 6:7). you go after the things of God? you will reap destruction. you’re haters of God? you will reap destruction. you people will always have an empty meaningless life here on earth, and then have to face eternal separation from God, after death. end of story..

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