Atheist Court Victory Threatens Other Religions’ Incomes


Once again, a U.S. court has colluded with the Freedom From Religion Foundation to attack non-atheistic religions.

Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb has ruled that provisions in Internal Revenue Code Section 107 are unconstitutional.

Those provisions allow a minister — pastors, rabbis, imams, etc. — to exclude from gross income any housing allowance given to him by his employer as part of compensation.

The atheists filed the suit under the theory that the IRS code somehow meant the government was establishing a religion, which is forbidden under the Constitution. They complained that as a “nonreligion,” they were excluded.

They were embarrassed when the government turned around and ruled that atheism is a religion and its “ministers” would also be eligible for the housing allowance exemption if they applied.

Despite that, the FFRF was apparently able to gull Judge Crabb into siding with them.

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