Obama Leaves ‘Under God’ Out of Gettysburg Address


Filmmaker Ken Burns, as part of a documentary, has filmed all the living presidents and several other celebrities reciting the Gettysburg Address, which was given by President Lincoln 150 years ago.

All of them successfully recited the complete address, with one notable exception: President Obama.

In a line that every other participant read as “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,” Obama left out the phrase “under God.”

It’s a curious flub, of the sort that seems to keep happening to this president.

Perhaps the teleprompter skipped a beat.

Anniversary celebrations at the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg are expected to attract dignitaries, celebrities and history enthusiasts.

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  • rf7777

    http://www.gettysburgfoundation.org/41 Not really much of a controversey. Better things to get upset about.

    • Guest

      Really? Like what?

    • Mi Li

      Ye it sucks & apparently you suck too. Taking God out of our History & future is shameful.

  • Jen

    I don’t think this surprises anyone, sadly enough. But when you are quoting someone, especially a past president that is revered, you don’t change the text. Obama did promise change though and he has definitely delivered upon that. The face of our nation has never looked more different since the founding of it.

  • Brama

    There’s nothing worse than historical revisionism. Regardless of whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, Islamic, or Politically Correct yahoo, Lincoln said what he said. Obama wants nothing more than to omit what he feels he wants to, regardless of the fact that it would be misrepresenting and misquoting one of the greatest in American history. All in an effort to “show” us what Lincoln “should have” said. If that isn’t another example of narcissism, I don’t know what is.

  • rf7777

    The Ken Burn’s project website clearly states that they asked Obama to read the Nicolay version (commonly believed to be the original first draft) It is the version in the Library of Congress and does not nor has it ever contained the words “under God.” Other later versions (The Bliss Copy) of the address contained the words.

    • Pat W

      that is yet another lie sent to you courtesy of this regime. Get your head out of the sand, and realize that they want to shift the blame away from the usurper…

    • Ramon1710 .

      Ken Burns – PBS film maker – your tax dollars at work.
      Still, I wonder, do we really want to hear the spawn of Cornelius and Zira read the proper Gettysburg Address?

  • Popo2

    He couldn’t get them to change it to “under Allah,” so he just left it out.

  • Patriot

    Not quite ready to replace those words with “under Obama” just yet. But you know he wants to.

  • Ken Gatten

    Impeach the man before it is too late for the nation. When you allow a hungry lion in the school yard, children pay the consequences.

  • classicsforever

    I really don’t believe this man cares about America’s history. It is too full of God and the Bible for him.

  • Tuki

    Where God is left out…..Satin slips in!

    • Sara Kendrick

      Satin is slippery, but I think you mean satan. (I don’t capitalize that name…)

      • Tuki

        Lol.. I realized my error after the fact, have a great Thanksgiving

    • Albert Pike

      i love satin!

      • Tuki

        So do I….. LOL …….but not satan!

  • Mi Li

    If Lincoln was a muslim & had said allah you sure as heck better believe that radical islamist would have said it.

  • Ben

    rf7777 you are lying. The original version spoken by President Lincoln was recorded by news reporters at the time. People who attended the speech proudly told their children and grandchildren the words of the speech word for word. You may feel obligated to defend something that is out of line, because of your personal bias. The truth, however, is that this anti-God / anti-Christ stance is a common occurence with this current administration. When our President was asked on foreign soil, “What is your nation’s motto?” he replied, E-pluribus unum ( latin for “one of many”) instead of “in God we trust”. This is one of many times God has been omitted by our President.

    • Christian_Patriot7

      I would not call “Obama” our president. After all, he is not a legal sitting president due to the fact that he is NOT a citizen of the USA, born in Kenya and adopted by Indonesian step-father. Put into office by fraud illegal voters. Obama is a total fraud and liar and I pray everyday that God will deliver the United States from his full fraudulent term.

      • Ben

        I used the term President with a capital “P” for respect of the office, not condoning nor respecting the actions of the man.

  • DawnDale

    This president has never respected God so this was deliberate on his part. President LIncoln was a man who believed God and Obama ignores Him. At this point in our nation’s history, Obama had that golden opportunity few people ever have but has used his moment to divide and destroy. God help America.

  • AnotherVoice

    He couldn’t say ‘under God’ any more than I could say ‘under allah’

  • Ramon1710 .

    The swine at Sam Adams Brewing did a July 4 commercial eliminating God from the Constitution. The answer then was simple – stop buying their PC product. It’s a bit harder to boycott an illigitimate president.

  • livefreeordie

    Not very fitting for a half black mongrel to leave out words of the man that freed “his people”.

    • Aaron

      He should respect and revere lincoln but to read this comment shows he as well as my future children are still held in a form of bondage…I can’t stand Obama as a leader but to call him a mongrel is deplorable

  • Jason George

    why would the writer or anybody be surprised that Mr. Obama omitted God from a direct quote when he has done it so many times, perhaps most notably with the Declaration of Independence- multiple times? You can’t misquote it that many times by accident. Hasn’t anybody in the press been paying attention?

  • Sara Kendrick

    This could be upsetting, or we could realize that there are 5 copies of the Gettysburg Address in existence. Two of them, at the Library of Congress, do not contain the words “under God.” The other three copies do. As well as several other minor changes to the wording.

    • Sara Kendrick

      Another interesting side note – the word “hallowed” is used in the version that does not contain the word “God”.

  • Adhemarde

    Here is a copy in Lincoln’s own handwriting http://www.apples4theteacher.com/images/gettysburg-address2.gif. It certainly says, “under God”.

  • geronimo

    Hey Aaron. Is there a better word to describe him, who is intent on ruining this nation.

  • geronimo

    Ken, how can he be impeached? The first thing he did was arrange for 80.000 troops to be called upon for “domestic unrest” and then established a number of gatekeepers so deep that he is untouchable. The main one being his AG.

  • justinwachin

    Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln are two radically different leaders. Mr. Lincoln was an honorable man who did what was right. Mr. Obama’s administration has been marked by corruption, incompetence and scandal. Mr. Lincoln looked to God. Mr. Obama and his followers think that he is god.

    150 years after its presentation, Mr. Lincoln’s words at Gettysburg are still remembered. After countless promises regarding Obamacare, Mr. Obama is hoping his words will be forgotten.

  • Monica Jean Potts

    Obama omitted God because he thinks he is god.

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