The Centerpiece of Sunday Worship


What really moves you on Sunday mornings?

There are a lot of potential answers to that question. Maybe the music is enough to get you out of bed. The old hymns have always resonated deeply with you, or the church’s worship band is consistently finding creative and compelling ways to put enduring truth to a new tune.

Or it could be a dynamic, engaging preacher, someone you could listen to for hours and hours at a time. Maybe he has an unending library of personal stories and illustrations that connect with you over and over again, or he’s a genuinely friendly, caring man that spends lots of intentional time loving his family and flock.

It might be the fellowship. There are few things better than worshiping with your family and friends. They know you best, so you can be yourself. They care about you, so you can trust them. For many, the biggest draw is spending time with other believers you know and love.

The Deepest Well for Worship

But how much do we expect from the Bible when we come to church?

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