Is Coca Cola Afraid to Run This Commercial in the US?


Advertising is designed to sell products. A number of commercials leave an impression and a message. These are rare.

Some commercials are subtle in the type of message they leave behind. No one likes to be preached at. The best messages are the one that are wrapped in real life. They touch heart as well as the mind. That’s what good storytelling is all about.

My wife and I visited our oldest son’s family yesterday. They just had their third child, our sixth grandchild. It reminded me of a commercial I saw a few months ago.

Coca Cola produced a commercial that’s one minute in length that as far as I know has not played in the United States. It’s about the struggles and joys of parenthood. It’s a bright spot in a culture than seems to idolize childless marriages and promotes abortion as a sacrament.

The ad was developed by Santo Buenos Aires and director Pucho Mentasti for Coke’s natural Argentine “Life” brand. “Adorned in a green label, the low-calorie Coca Cola Life is a new ‘natural’ and ‘green’ beverage (and feel free to debate how Coke will manage that with a cola product) in a recyclable bottle.” The article goes on to point out:

“The Argentine commercial shows the ups and downs, stains and sleeplessness of it all. . . . [The commercial] gets past all the ooga-ooga-boo-boo cutesy baby talk and right down to some of the uglier parenting realities. Individually, these moments can appear terrible and make you wonder how and why humans have kept on making more humans. You can see it in the Dad’s face.

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  • Emm
    • Patriot

      Oh, my God. I cannot believe people would even contemplate this – how did anyone come up with this in the first place??? That is just evil.

  • JudyG46

    After seeing the commercial, it appeared to me that it conveyed many of the real life situations that occur with children (all within 1 minute), and the happiness they shared when finding out they were pregnant again…and, that Coca Cola was another satisfying part of their everyday lives. Why didn’t I see anything offensive?

  • DawnDale

    Remember “the love of money is the root of evil”? We see it everywhere, every day, and the only way to slow it down is with your voice and how you use your money.

  • dmhphils

    why would they be afraid to run this in the US? what…it’s too real?

  • Jennifer Frey Brewer

    It has nothing to do with the message and everything to do with the product.They do not sell that product in the U.S. Why would they run a commercial in the U.S. that advertises a product they do not even sell here?

  • Lilac

    Coca Cola has made it clear it is pro-homosexual marriage and is leaning toward the islamic world, so nobody I know will ever buy it again anyway.

    • WorcesterMaNative

      Coca-cola is everywhere you go in Israel, all too well embedded. Every spring, in time for Pesach, Coke starts distributing kosher-for-passover Coke. Their decisions are based on business and profit – what sells and what makes a profit for the company. Why not choose not to drink their products because they’re unhealthy rather than based on some bubbeh meise.

  • William 1

    Well at first they show little control over their kid-liberal child upbringing, then you think as wify shows +on test strip for pregnancy and then it appears he’s like oh my God not not another one to embracing his wife as if it’s now ok that I’v had a poisonous —coke??

  • William 1

    Well if the green band indicates falsely that it’s ok to drink Coke etc then why not-after all pop is a good nutritional drink right?

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