How I Almost Became a False Teacher


What does a false teacher in the church look like?

Some of them are easy to spot. Health-and-wealth, prosperity preachers hardly require any effort at all. Those who ignore or sneeringly distort the Bible also are fairly obvious.

But what if they look like me? What if they attend church regularly, read the Bible, encourage their children to participate in Sunday School and Wednesday evening services, lead family devotions, pray, support missionaries, volunteer? What if, by most visible accounts, they are healthy Christians?

The problem is: that isn’t the whole picture.

When disability entered our family I realized that most people, including most pastors, did not understand this life. I was no longer part of the normal group — the average church member.

The Search for Answers

It touched every area of my life, including my understanding of who God is. I looked for this issue in the Bible and thought hard about it. But I didn’t just read the Bible, I scoured memoirs, scholarly journals, testimonials, history, academic textbooks.

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