East Germans still burdened by the wall


On Nov. 9, 1989, East German border guards stood by dumbfounded as streams of East Berliners flooded through Brandenburg Gate into the ecstatic freedom of West Berlin.

Pam and Wayne Jenkins knew things would never be the same. That evening, 25 years ago, the Jenkins family sat in their living room in Regensburg, West Germany, watching the unbelievable events unfold on the evening news. A few weeks later, Wayne traveled to Berlin to stand in front of the wall and see its remnants firsthand.

When the Jenkinses, the first International Mission Board missionaries appointed to German-language work, arrived in December 1982, people were being sent to jail in East Germany for openly sharing the Gospel. Jenkins himself was detained for several hours in 1986 for carrying Gospel tracts in his pockets during a journey to East Berlin.

As Wayne and Pam watched the flood of East Berliners enter West Berlin, they hoped for wide-open doors to share more freely.

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