Baylor Kicker Gets Absolutely Destroyed During Blocked Kick, but Has the Best Response Imaginable


The NCAA bowl games have been pretty entertaining so far, even the big victory by my OSU Beavers’ arch rivals, the Oregon Ducks was a well-played game as Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota and team demolished Florida State. But this was one little aside from the Baylor / Michigan State game that bears notice. Read on. TJ

The football kicker. It can be a glamorous job if you hit the game-winning field goal in overtime, but it also comes with a lot of stigmas. Kickers are routinely mocked as weak, fragile or even non-athletic. Don’t tell that to Baylor’s Christopher Callahan.

During Thursday’s Cotton Bowl between Baylor and Michigan State, Callahan lined up for a field goal. But it was blocked. Callahan then took off toward the Michigan State player who had the ball to try and prevent a run-back. That’s when he got absolutely destroyed by a block…

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