American Exceptionalism: Conservatism as Counterculture


America has been the recipient of God’s rich blessings and protection since its inception; that blessing and protection the cause of American Exceptionalism among the nations of the earth. And those immeasurable blessings bestow great responsibility. Whether or not that blessing and protection continue will be determined by our national character, our collective righteousness. Shelby Steele makes a great case for “exceptionalism as a burden, not a vanity.” Read on. TJ

By Shelby Steele

I was recently invited to make some remarks at a charity dinner for a cause that I strongly support.

The organizers worried that, because their cause affected only Third World nations, they would have a hard time raising money from an American audience.

Localism, it seemed, in everything from farm produce to charity giving, was the new vogue. People wanted to see their dollars at work locally rather than watch them disappear into the coffers of some international organization.

Could I help them make the case for international giving?

On the night of the dinner it occurred to me to make the point that America was the world’s exceptional nation — not that its people were superior, but that its wealth and power bestowed upon it a level of responsibility in the world that other nations did not have to bear.

Exceptionalism as a burden, not a vanity, was my point.

Through my wife I had had an involvement with a charitable organization that focused on the problem of obstetric fistula in Africa…

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