Unbelievable: In updated memoir Obama expresses compassion for 9/11 terrorists


Obama’s memoire, Dreams from My Father, pain a portrait of an anti-colonialist zealot raised and influenced by radicals, anarchists, Muslims and Communists. And as appalling, in his updated memoir, Obama expresses sympathy for the 9/11 terrorists! To think he was twice elected president of the United States. America desperately needs a spiritual revival and a Constitutional awakening. Read on. TJ


Let him be clearer. If Barack Obama wasn’t already crystal clear in his views about the identity of America’s enemy, or lack thereof, he has eliminated all doubt in an update of his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father.”

According to Obama, if America has an enemy at all — besides the Republican Party — it’s the “desperation and disorder of the powerless,” which enables good people to “easily slip into violence and despair.” They also appear to turn, interestingly enough, to guns and religion, but that’s a formula Obama chooses to apply to another group.

According to the New York Post, Obama identifies with people beaten down by life, which in his twisted world view, includes the 19 terrorists who commandeered jetliners on Sept. 10, 2001, flying them variously into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. (A third plane, aiming for the White House, was diverted from its course by renegade passengers who ultimately forced it down in a Pennsylvania field.)

When all was said and done, 3,000 Americans had died imaginably grotesque deaths…

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