Texan Civilians Guarding Military Recruiting Centers


I am furious and heartbroken over the vicious murder of four Marines at two recruiting centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And what is really incomprehensible is that these recruiting venues do not allow the military to carry. Indeed, most military personnel are forbidden from carrying firearms on military bases. This “gun-free zone” madness began with Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5210.56, signed into effect in February 1992 by Donald J. Atwood, deputy Sec Def under President George H.W. Bush. It’s time to re-think that directive, with Islamists jihadis attacking on U.S. soil. Until then, Texans, God bless them, have a creative solution. Read on. TJ

By Lana Shadwick

In the wake of shootings at two military centers in Tennessee, civilians in Texas stand guard at several military recruiting centers.

Military personnel on bases and in recruiting centers in the United States are not allowed to carry arms. Heavily armed citizens guarded the Navy recruiting center in Cleburne, Texas yesterday. They stood under tented canopies and posted handmade signs that read: “PROTECT OUR TROOPS.” The effort there has been named “Operation Hero Guard.”

L - R:  Ray Cram, Jonathan McCroskey, Jerry Blackeney, Dean Damota, and Terry Jackson.  Photo: Robert Cadwallader

L – R: Ray Cram, Jonathan McCroskey, Jerry Blackeney, Dean Damota, and Terry Jackson. Photo: Robert Cadwallader

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram videotaped the Hero Guard in Cleburne, and one of them said, “We are a band of brothers.”

The Longview News-Journal also reported that volunteers in Longview were standing guard outside a military recruiting office.

Oscar Still of Kilgore carried an AR-15 rifle outside of Longview’s Army recruiting office. Jacob, his armed 14-year-old son, accompanied him.

Still told the News-Journal, “These guys here [at the recruitment office]serve our country, to protect us, and yet they can’t protect themselves when they’re here.”

He continued, “So, we’re here to protect the protectors, basically.”

He said, “If I can stop them or slow them down or whatever it takes, I’ll do all that I can.”

The men guarding the military recruiting center in downtown Cleburne told the Star-Telegram they would continue guarding as long as necessary. One of the men, Terry Jackson from Rio Vista, is an Army veteran with 15 years of service…

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