Americans Poisoned by the ‘Gospel of Envy’


Most Americans, at least those over the age of 40, have a general knowledge of the Ten Commandments given to the Moses and listed in Exodus 20. And often the most overlooked and currently most-frequently-broken is commandment number ten: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” In modern vernacular, do not be envious of others and their possessions. We can be certain any economic/governmental structure is godless when its foundation is envy. Thus, socialism and communism, to flourish, must be planted in a society rid of God and His transcendent values. Read on.TJ

By Mark Landsbaum

If Gallup pollsters effectively measure America’s heartbeat, then the nation is approaching a cardiac meltdown.

A medical website cautions, “Be careful when checking your pulse in your neck, especially if you are older than 65. If you press too hard, you may become lightheaded and fall.”

The nation is considerably older than 65, and, increasingly, it hurts to even check our collective pulse. Let’s not take this metaphor too far, but admit it: The nation’s showing telltale signs of serious trouble. Are you beginning to feel a little light-headed?

Gallup recently interpreted the warning signs this way: “For the second consecutive year, dissatisfaction with government edged out the economy as the problem more Americans identified as the nation’s top problem in 2015.”

Buttressing Gallup are the findings of the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, which revealed that satisfaction with federal government agencies fell for a third consecutive year, to an eight-year low. Apparently, the more contact they have with the government, the more people dislike it. The Treasury Department (home of the IRS), which is the “most contacted government agency,” unsurprisingly ranks lowest…

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