The Obamas Spend HOW Much for Vacations on Taxpayers Dime?


So many on The Left deride Donald Trump for his wealth and lifestyle. Yet, Trump earned that money: he actually DID build that. Conservatives, generally, are not envious, but rather try to emulate those who succeed. And one thing you can bet on — Americans will NOT have to pay millions for the Trumps’ vacations. Obama may try to sound like an average guy who understands the blue collar worker, but his family’s vacations suggest he has no clue. And every extravagant vacation was paid for by you and me, the taxpayers. Heh. Read on. TJ

By The Patriot Post Staff

Barack and Michelle Obama have long treated taxpayers as their personal sugar daddies when it comes to vacations and travel. Judicial Watch has long tracked these expenses, as we have, and the group estimates, “To date, Obama’s and his family’s travel expenses total at least $85,029,819.”

We’d emphasize the “at least” part. There are direct costs, which the administration may or may not entirely disclose (this is the Most Transparent Adminsitration in History™, after all), and there are indirect costs that aren’t reported. As the Washington Examiner explains, “The [disclosed]expenses cover items such as security, flights and hotel rooms for staff and U.S. Secret Service. They do not include the price of prepositioning ships and aircraft in the area or much of the communications costs.” Indeed, largely because of the latter factors, we’ve estimated the Obamas’ heritage tour to Africa alone cost between $80 and $100 million. That’s living rich and famous, Obama style.

They routinely head for extravagant vacations in Hawaii (at $5 million a pop) or the glitzy Martha’s Vineyard. And they generally live higher on the hog than even billionaire Donald Trump — and the Obamas do it, like all socialists, on the backs of the people.

First published at The Patriot Post

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